The research project receives funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement n° 261752


• Raised awareness of the threats posed by biological weapons to agriculture, forestry, livestock
  and poultry.

• Raised awareness of the role of bioscientists in preventing biosecurity threats.

• Assessment of risks and provision of information to the public and policy makers regarding actions
  to be taken to prevent biological warfare and bioterrorism.

• Minimised impact of biological weapons.

• Results made available to a wide public of end users.

Mid-term Results

A quarter of the way through the project implementation period, PLANTFOODSEC has identified regulatory threats in the countries; prioritised target crops (including food, feed and timber crops); prioritised target pathogens; set up a tool for the prioritisation of target human pathogens on plants (HPOP) and mycotoxins and designed a virtual diagnostic network. Future outcomes are expected to include: a decision-making tool for use by law enforcement offices to allow discrimination between deliberate and accidental outbreaks; risk assessment tools for plant pathogens and HPOP; a database of EU and international expertise in relation to contingency plans, capabilities for tracking pathogen outbreaks, models of management systems for bioterrorism threats, and strategies in risk communication.