The research project receives funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement n° 261752


The project activities are divided in eight Work Packages (WPs):

WP1 | Plant disease epidemiology applied to crop biosecurity

To establish a framework of scientific knowledge and appraisal tools in relation to deliberate contamination, the outbreak of epidemics, the spread of disease, and patterns of propagation.

WP2 | Food biosecurity

To identify priorities for research and regulatory policy, and to provide a baseline assessment of forensic capability to trace food-borne pathogens in partner and associated countries by facilitating international laboratory cooperation.

WP3 | Analysis of risks posed by the intentional introduction of new pests and disease agents

To develop spatio-temporal risk models, including the likely economic, social and environmental impacts of acts of agro-terrorism, and to improve the planning of effective and efficient national and regional responses.

WP4 | Diagnostic and detection systems

To improve disease surveillance, detection and diagnostic systems by facilitating international laboratory cooperation and by developing diagnostic tools.

WP5 | Response systems for eradication and containment

To prevent the establishment and spread within EU countries of deliberately introduced pathogens by delineating the steps and measures to be undertaken at European level in each category of pest detection or outbreak (unknown and known pests and diseases) and by enhancing the available response measures.

WP6 | Training on plant and food biosecurity

To build up a strong culture of awareness and compliance in the field of plant and food biosecurity for those with responsibilities in all sectors of agriculture, including extension specialists, students, crop consultants, regulators and farm advisors; and to harmonise expertise across the network.

WP7 | Dissemination, awareness and communication on plant and food biosecurity

To improve awareness among stakeholders and the general public of biosecurity issues, taking into account the importance of information sharing as well as the balance between confidentiality and public access, encryption and database management (dual use issues).

WP8 | Management and monitoring

To overcome the fragmentation of partnersí research by coordinating, monitoring and structuring the Joint Programme of Research (JPA) of the NoE and by facilitating cooperation within and among the work packages, thus ensuring dynamic and efficient project governance.