The research project receives funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under Grant Agreement n° 261752


Data Collection

The Project Coordinator undertakes to collect Your Data by means that are:
• fair;
• legal;
• transparent.

If you visit PLANTFOODSEC web-site, your web-browser automatically discloses, and the Project Coordinator's web-server automatically logs, the following information: the date and time, the IP address from which you issued the request, the type of browser and operating system you are using, the URL of any page that referred you to the page, the URL you requested, and whether your request was successful. This data may or may not be sufficient to identify you.

Any additional data that you provide, e.g. in a web-form, may also be logged. This data may or may not be sufficient to identify you.

Any additional data that your web-browser automatically provides may also be logged. This will be the case, for example, if your browser has previously been requested to store data on your computer in 'cookies' and submits them each time you request a web-page within a particular domain. This data may or may not be sufficient to identify you.

If you disclose personal data to the Project Coordinator in conjunction with an identifier such as your name, the Project Coordinator will collect Your Data. Moreover, any data that becomes available to the Project Coordinator through any of the means described in the preceding paragraphs may be able to be associated with that identifier, and hence become Your Data.

Data Security

The Project Coordinator undertakes to storeYour Data in a manner that ensures security against unauthorised access, alteration or deletion, at a level commensurate with its sensitivity.

Data Use

The Project Coordinator undertakes to use Your Data only for:
the purposes for which it was collected;
• such other purposes as are subsequently agreed between the Project Coordinator and You;
• such additional purposes as may be required by law. In these circumstances, the Project Coordinator will take any reasonable steps available to it to communicate to You that the use has occurred, unless it is precluded from doing so by law; and
• such additional purposes as are authorised by law.

The Project Coordinator undertakes to use Your Data only if it has demonstrable relevance to the particular use to which it is being put.

The Project Coordinator undertakes to use Your Data in such a manner as to take into account the possibility that it is not of sufficient quality for the purpose, e.g. because it is inaccurate, out-of-date, incomplete, or out-of-context.

Data Retention and Destruction

Subject to the qualifications immediately below, the Project Coordinator undertakes:
• to retain Your Data only as long as is consistent with its purpose; and
• to destroy Your Data when its purpose has expired, and to do so in such a manner that Your Data is not subsequently capable of being recovered.

Access by You to Your Personal Data

The Project Coordinator undertakes to provide you with access to Your Data, subject to only such conditions and processes as are reasonable in the circumstances. In particular, the Project Coordinator undertakes to enable access:
• conveniently;
• without unreasonable delay;
• without cost.

The Project Coordinator undertakes to establish and operate identity authentication protections for access to Your Datathat are appropriate to its sensitivity, but practical. This may involve some inconvenience; for example, relatively straightforward procedures may be involved in order to provide you with access through a channel that you have previously registered with the Project Coordinator (such as a particular email-address), but may impose more onerous procedures if you wish to use some other channel.

In the event that you dispute some aspect of Your Data, the Project Coordinator undertakes to take reasonable steps in relation to the amendment, supplementation or deletion of Your Data.

You undertake:
• not to seek access for frivolous purposes, or unreasonably frequently;
• to accept that deletion of some data may not be consistent with the provision of particular services by the Project Coordinator to you.

Handling of Enquiries, General Concerns and Complaints

If you have enquiries, general concerns, or complaints about these Terms, or about the Project Coordinator's behaviour in relation to these Terms, you undertake:
• to communicate them in the first instance:
• to the Project Coordinator only;
• in sufficient detail;
• through a channel made available by the Project Coordinator for that purpose;

The Project Coordinator undertakes:
• to provide one or more channels for communications to the Project Coordinator, which are convenient to users;
• to promptly provide acknowledgement of the receipt of communications, including the provision of a copy of the communication, the date and time it was registered, and The Project Coordinator's reference-code for the communication;
• to promptly provide a response to the communication, in an appropriate and meaningful manner.

You further undertake to not pursue the Project Coordinator through any Regulator or the media:
• until and unless the Project Coordinator has had a reasonable opportunity to respond to the initial communication; and
• while The Project Coordinator and you are conducting a meaningful dialogue about the matter.


The Project Coordinator declares that its undertakings in these Terms are intended to create legal obligations, and that those obligations are intended to be enforceable under appropriate laws in appropriate jurisdictions. These include laws relating to data protection, privacy, fair trading, corporations and criminal laws.

You undertake to seek enforcement only in a jurisdiction that is relevant to the transactions that have taken place between You and the Project Coordinator, in particular the jurisdiction in which you live or in which you performed the relevant acts, and the jurisdiction in which the Project Coordinator is domiciled or performed the relevant acts.


The Project Coordinator is Agroinnova: Center of Competence for Innovation in the Agro-environmental Field, University of Torino, Italy,

Your Data means data that is capable of being associated with you, whether or not it includes an explicit identifier such as your name or customer number. In particular, it encompasses all data that the Project Coordinator is capable of correlating with you, using such means as server-logs and cookie-contents.

Your Data does not refer to data that can no longer be associated with you. This includes aggregated data that does not and cannot identify the individuals whose data are included in the aggregation.

Consent means your concurrence with an action to be taken by the Project Coordinator. Consent may be express or implicit, but in either case must be informed and freely-given.