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Gordon Research Conference on Chemical & Biological Terrorism Defense: research synergies for chemical and biological terrorism defense, March 8-13, 2015

Chemical & Biological Terrorism Defense
Research Synergies for Chemical and Biological Defense

March 8-13, 2015
Ventura, CA

The theme of the 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Chemical and Biological Terrorism Defense is "Research Synergies for Chemical and Biological Defense". This conference will highlight the highly multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge research in the field of chemical and biological defense; talks will focus on chemical agents and bioterrorism-related pathogens that impact humans, plants and animals.

The 2015 GRC will provide investigators active in bio or chemical defense the unique opportunity to identify scientific common ground or "synergies," with the goal of spurring new collaborative research areas. The 2015 GRC will promote these synergies by designing scientific sessions specifically to engage members of both the bio- and chemical-defense research communities simultaneously, focusing largely on cutting edge work that demonstrates how basic research stimulates translational breakthroughs important for the health of humans, animals and plants.

Applications for this meeting must be submitted by February 8, 2015.


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